Encourage your Baby with These Musical Toys

musical toys baby

Introducing a tiny baby to music isn’t about making them smarter any more than it is about starting them down a path towards a headlining set at Jazz Fest 2035 (nor is that a viable retirement plan). The so-called “Mozart Effect” has been long debunked and there’s no guarantee you and your kid will ultimately share the same musical taste, but what has been proven are the myriad benefits of early music lessons — including better academic performance — and they start with your kid’s first tonal toys.

Muscial toys are so much fun and they encourage children to be creative whilst learning about sounds and instruments.  We have a fantastic range of musical toys made from wood and other durable materials.  Musical toys from Haba, Janod, Plan Toys and more.  If you know someone small who likes to make some noise then you’ve come to the right place.

Studies show that babies who were exposed to classical music while they were still inside their mothers’ wombs grew up to be more advanced in terms of intellectual and linguistic development as well as in terms of motor skills by age 6 months. This has led scientists to believe that music is a very important brain-building experience.

It is also for this reason that many toys for babies are musical in nature. Studies further reveal that musical toys can help activate a variety of neural pathways that are very important in the development and mastery of many life skills including creativity, spatial intelligence, memory, language, mathematics, and emotional intelligence.


Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

If all your kid wants to do is clap and shake to the beat, introduce them to BeatBo. Pressing his buttons activates dance moves and tones ranging from fun songs to educational content including letters, numbers, and colors that age up with your kid through 3 different modes. You can also record your own, although you probably don’t need a toy’s help to ask, “Who’s the cutest?” like a broken record.


Auris Glockenspiel

Aside from being really fun to say, a glockenspiel is beautiful to listen to. Specifically this one, which uses a 5-tone scale “specially attuned to children’s aural needs.” Multiple Amazon reviewers note its remarkable clarity of tone, which would seem to justify the premium price tag better than its solid gold (painted) bars.


Fisher-Price Classic Record Player

To the “Why don’t they make simple, wholesome toys anymore?” types, first off, sorry for standing on your lawn. Second, here’s that plastic record player you dragged around as a toddler, in all its primary-colored, 70s glory. It comes with 5 records that play 10 songs you definitely won’t get tired of hearing. Your parents certainly didn’t. Go ahead, ask ‘em.


VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

VTech is well known for toys that are technologically advanced as they are very interactively educational. The Rhyme and Discover Book is a 6-book marvel with well-thought 3 light-up character buttons placed strategically on the tab of each page. The musical toy contains 4 movable pieces that resonate with 7 popular nursery rhymes and not less than 20 baby songs, sounds, and phrases.

The Rhyme and Discover Book also comes with highly interactive lights and sounds that even your baby-turned-toddler will be amazed with its open-ended questions designed to encourage learning and cognition.


Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

A very ingenious way of introducing melodies to your baby, the Hug & Tug Musical Bug is more like the musical toys of old where you have to pull on a string to hear the melody. And as the melody progresses, the string winds up back again. This is the same principle of the Hug & Tug. Imagine a huggable colorful caterpillar that you can hang over your baby’s carrier. Babies pull on it to its full length, let it go, and then listen to wonderful melodies as it slowly winds up back to its original position. The Hug & Tug also comes with a peek-a-boo mirror and clacker rings. This should be a very interesting piece of interactive music for your baby.


Janod Confetti Musical Set

Janod is well known for its beautifully made, funky mini musical instruments. But this collection tops the lot for play value, including no less than seven wind and percussion instruments to help children learn about beat, rhythm and making tunes.


ELC Giant Keyboard

A giant, wipe-clean keyboard that is a fantastic way for energetic kids to explore music. Get them to hop, skip, tap, dance, jump or even roll around the jumbo mat to create melodies. You can play back their performances and there are plenty of great features, including a parent-pleasing volume control.


Lamaze Octotunes

Aimed from birth onwards, this sturdy but soft and squashy toy is colourful, vibrant and cuddly. Best of all, each leg plays a different note and together these notes form a musical octave so your child is able to pick out anything from “Twinkle Twinkle” to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

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