Finding the Best and Unique Baby Shower Gifts

finding baby shower gifts

When your friend shares the exciting news that she’s having a baby, there are probably lots of hugs, some (welcome) belly rubs and maybe even a few happy tears to go around. And then you have to find a baby gift—one that’s awesome, thoughtful, unique and useful for your friend and baby. Tall task? Before you sound the alarm, we’re here to help make the baby gift buying process as easy as shopping online for yourself.

You’ll have no problem shopping for baby shower gifts with our extensive range of thoughtful presents. Browse unique baby shower gifts and find one-of-a-kind presents for the mother and baby. From personalised mum-to-be bed socks to adorable new-born accessories, you’re certain to find baby shower gifts she’ll love.


Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are fun celebrations of new life as well as important milestone for moms to be. They give pregnant women a chance to celebrate with loved ones, while preparing for baby and turning the page to this new and exciting chapter in life. Showers are a chance for experienced moms to share advice and reflect on the time when parenthood was still so new and exciting. Whether you are shopping for a friend, family member, or coworker, you want to get her a gift that is truly meaningful, beautiful or useful, not something that will add to the clutter or stress in her life. Baby showers are a time to make memories that will last a lifetime, with games, stories, food and of course gifts. They are a chance to spoil new moms with all of the essentials she will need for her new baby, everything from diapers and clothes to more expensive necessities like cribs and baby monitors. I have wonderful memories of my baby shower, where I was surrounded by people I love and who I knew would love my baby as much as I do. It was a chance to talk through my worries as well as my excitement, and to bond with the women who I was joining in the worldwide circle of mothers!

You can purchase something directly off of her gift registry if she has one of course, or you can get her a unique gift that shows how well you know her and understand her style. This list includes gifts for every kind of mom and every sized budget – No matter what her tastes, you are sure to find something that fits both her style and your wallet. You can also choose multiple smaller gifts and build your own DIY gift set.

Whether this is the first shower you’ve been to or the 15th, you’ll never go wrong with one of these great baby shower gift ideas. From “Welcome Home Baby” sets to soothing toys that will help baby get some rest (and give parents a break!), there are lots of things to pick from to help celebrate a new arrival.


Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Need a gift for a creative baby-to-be? Choose from this list of unique baby shower gifts that will spark baby’s imagination, like IQ-boosting ABC blocks, an educational toy subscription or a cute night-light.

It’s never too early to jump-start baby’s love of literature. The creative and colorful “BabyLit” series uses famous classics like Emma, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden and Pride & Prejudice to teach baby about counting (that’s one English Village; four Marriage Proposals; five Bennett Sisters!), colors, flowers and more.


The Self-Heating Travel Bottle and Warmer that Requires No Electricity or Boiling Water

All you do is fill the flask with warm water and it’ll stay warm for the whole day. Perfect for daycare, camping, and traveling.


Baby Bandandas Six Pack

These Oak & Navy bandana bibs would make an adorable gift for any expectant mom. The are made of a super absorbent cotton fabric and the design allows them to more quickly absorb drool than traditional bib styles, keeping baby nice and dry. They come in six different unisex patterns in a different shades of grey, including stripes, polka dots, arrows and stars. If this collection of patterns does not suit her tastes, they come in a whole variety of different colors and patterns for boys, girls and unisex.

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