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Decorating Room for Toddler Girl – Room Ideas

toddler girl room

toddler girl room ideas

Kids tend to grow quickly so their preferences and tastes change tremendously. If today your daughter’s favorite personage is SpongeBob, most likely that tomorrow she will be going ape over Cinderella. So don’t rush with gratifying short-term whims by opting for wallpaper with SpongeBob face, rather opt for a neutral backdrop that can be spiced up with multicolored textile, vinyl wall stickers, curtains, DIY elements, etc.

Your little girl’s room should be comfortable without getting boring. It should exudes her personality and interests. It should create an opportunity for her to be creative and have fun, and serene enough to get ample of rest and sleep that she needs.

Full of wonder and fairy-tale qualities, there’s such magic throughout a toddler’s imagination. Mermaids, pixie dust and fairies hidden around every corner, expressing that creative mind is part of the fun of styling and designing a little one’s bedroom.

Fun & Functional

Hitting the books might be a chore, but in a room as fun as this, homework time just might get a little easier. A large desk and office chair, with storage bins beneath, create a work zone. But when it’s time for fun, ample seating, a fun color scheme, and whimsical touches turn this room into a space for giggling with friends.


No Pink Here

Breaking away from traditional girl colors, this room has a modern vibe with its shades of orange — ranging from sherbet to pumpkin — and shocks of electric blue. Girl appeal is added with floral prints, which are graphic rather than flowery, keeping with the modern design.



If you’re princess really loves hot pink, then you’re sure to get inspired by this bright design. Just look at all the mixes and matching facets!


Timeless Black And White

Toddler girls bedrooms do not have to be covered in pastels or striking colors always. A more sophisticated approach is to use the classic hue of black and white, and geometric patterns. In this nursery, using stripes of black on white walls creates a playful vibe that echoes to the bed slated style and white mattress. Bold patterns and cheerful colors were added to quilt, pillow cases and area rug for instant interest and theme, that way you can easily change it when your child’s tastes changes.


Garden Gate

A garden themed bedroom for your little sweetheart is a fun and whimsical way to design her room with. Start with a garden gate wall mural in soft, muted colors for a soothing tone. Add French-inspired furnishings or accent items for a beautiful, girly appeal.


More Storage, More Fun

Leave the floor for playtime and more creative activities. Use wall-mounted ledges and rails to store art supplies and toys. It will not only keep her room clean, it can also serve as a colorful display. Choose colorful bin baskets to add fun and playful element in the room. An accent wall treated with blackboard paint doubles as a place to draw is a perfect treat for those little artistic hands.

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Toddler Room Ideas for Boy – Finding the perfect Room Decoration


toddler boy room

Who says boys’ bedrooms can’t be stylish? We’ve selected our favourite ideas, schemes and tips for boys’ bedrooms that look great while remaining practical. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect nursery, create a vibrant play zone or overhaul your teen’s den, you’re bound to find something to fire up your imagination.

If you have a young child, it’s highly likely that you’ll want to opt for bright colours. Feature walls with fun print children’s wallpaper or wall stickers are a great way to liven up a scheme (and are sure to be a hit with the kids). Traditional colour palettes such as blues and reds are the classic option, but don’t be afraid of zingy yellows or calming pastel shades if you want something a little different.

Of course, nautical themes remain an established choice for young boys. Don’t be afraid to, um, push the boat out with porthole designs or printed curtains to make the room pop. Remember, stripes are good for adding interest and won’t be outgrown as quickly as more childlike motifs, which makes them a good bet for slightly older boys.

If your son is sporting mad, you can renew the age-old football theme with the addition of vintage football tables and cool posters (perhaps restricted to a painted feature wall). Then again, elegance and tranquility could be more your – and your son’s – style. Traditional sleigh beds, muted pastel tones and painted floorboards are the way to go to achieve this. Oh, and wooden floors are great for practicality, while a rug will up the cosines factor.

Whatever look you go for, and whatever age your boy, storage space is paramount. Whether it’s hanging, modular or under-bed, somewhere to hide all those school books, toys and clutter will save on headaches. Open-backed shelving also makes for a great room divider if you have two children sharing. Likewise, modern bunk bed designs or built in beds are a great space-saving solution and can often be designed with extra storage solutions in mind.

A child’s surroundings can have a huge impact on how they grow and develop, so parents always try to make their children’s living spaces as comfortable and fun as possible within their means. I’m not sure my parents could have afforded an indoor treehouse, but I still had plenty of pictures and bright, colorful artwork up on my walls. Sleeping in a bed that looks like a pirate ship or a princess’ wagon, as one can imagine, would probably fill a child’s life with endless hours of joy.

Of course, arguments can be made for and against these designs. Sure they all look pretty cool, but how safe is a children’s room with ladders, ropes, and strange out-of-place edges? There are plenty of opportunities here for kids to hurt themselves, depending on their age and how much they like to horse around, so these designs may not be for everyone. And as much as we like providing for our children, spoiling them rotten is also a bad idea!


Create Mini Art Galleries

The wonders of great artwork! Walls adorned with gallery-style wall decor are popping up, and the best part of this fun trend is that it celebrates all styles of art and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Collect Pieces Over Time

Use individual pieces accumulated over time instead of buying a matching furniture set. Not only is it an excellent way to save, but in the case of Evyn’s nursery, it achieves a colorful and eclectic look, layering in the new with the old.


Break Out the Sewing Machine

A plain, boring glider becomes super chic with the addition of new cushions in a trendy, graphic pattern. Throw in a few colorful pillows for added back support and this nursery essential suddenly becomes and a real showstopper.


Just for Boys

Shades of blue pair with green to create an amphibian-theme room, perfect for the boy who is forever catching frogs and turtles, and asking, “Can we keep him?” A wall mural evokes a by-the-pond look, and durable cotton bedspreads and pillowcases will stand up to rough boy antics. Consider using built-in shutter shades on windows rather than bulky curtains.


Like a Kid in a Toy Store

Why invest in knickknacks to develop a theme when toys can be your decorating accents? Fill shelving units or built-ins with toys, games, and books. Favorite trains and cars become artwork when displayed on shelves. Look for baskets or bins that match your color scheme to corral building blocks and smaller toys. Place them along the shelves or under the bed for organization and pops of color.


Potential for Change

Tan and beige walls pair well with red accents. But, when a shake-up is needed, the red cushions and curtains can easily be switched out with green, blue, or any combination of hues. The neutral walls, cabinets, and furniture can stay put, even if a brand-new color is ushered in. The subtle stripes on the walls keep the neutral background far from boring.

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